PolicyPal Network at Block-Hedge Thailand

PolicyPal Network will be part of Block-Hedge Thailand this August 31. Our CEO and founder Val Yap will be joining the conference as a keynote speaker.

With Singapore established as the blockchain hub in Southeast Asia, Thailand is looking to next follow in their ASEAN neighbour’s footsteps. For this year, the conference will revolve around two major themes:

  • Revealing the practical scoop behind the applicability of blockchain
  • Unfolding the optimal way to make money with cryptocurrencies

At Block-Hedge, Val will be share more about PolicyPal Network, its decentralised protocol and CryptoProtect. This is especially timely as our new product nears its launch date in end August.

Full Details

What: Block-Hedge Asia 3rd Edition

When: 31 August 2018. Val is scheduled to speak at about 3.30pm

Where: Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok, Thailand

Tickets: https://www.block-hedge.com/thailand/register

Each basic ticket (US$149) will give you access to all the exhibitions and conference sessions. Block-Hedge is running a promo whereby you will enjoy a 30% discount if you pay with cryptocurrencies.

About PolicyPal Network

PolicyPal Network is a decentralised insurance protocol that uses data to bridge the gap between consumers and insurance providers by providing a new level of accessibility within the insurance ecosystem. The company also works with insurers to provide CryptoProtect insurance coverage for digital assets and smart contracts. PolicyPal Network is a member of Singapore Fintech Association and ACCESS. PolicyPal Network’s affiliate entity, PolicyPal Singapore, has an active user base of 50,000 for its app, which helps users to manage, buy and optimise their insurance policies.

Currently, PolicyPal Network has partnerships with insurance companies, FWD and Ergo, to explore potential use cases of our decentralised insurance protocol together. Furthermore, we have also established collaborations with blockchain projects NEM, QTUM, Sentinel Protocol, MediBloc, Digix and traceto.io to offer CryptoProtect and mainstream insurance products for the projects themselves, along with their respective communities.

Learn more about PolicyPal Network:

Website: https://policypal.network

Whitepaper: https://www.policypal.network/whitepaper

Bluepaper: https://github.com/policypalnet/ppn-blue-paper

Telegram (English): https://t.me/policypalnetwork and https://t.me/PolicyPal_ANN

Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/PolicyPalNetworkCN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolicyPalNET

Github: https://github.com/policypalnet

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PolicyPalNet/

Blog (English): https://medium.com/@policypalnet

Blog (Chinese): https://www.jianshu.com/u/04e398cadb84

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/policypalnet


KakaoTalk: https://open.kakao.com/o/gNYy7XQ