PolicyPal Network (PAL) to be Listed on Kyber Network!

We are thrilled to announce that PolicyPal Network (PAL) will be listed on the Kyber Network exchange site!

Listing information

Token: PolicyPal Network (PAL)

Listing date: 31st May 2018 Thursday

Listing time: SGT (GMT+8) 19:00

Website: https://policypal.network

Telegram: https://t.me/policypalnetwork & https://t.me/PolicyPal_ANN

Whitepaper: https://www.policypal.network/whitepaper

About PolicyPal Network

PolicyPal Network is a decentralised insurance protocol that uses data to bridge the gap between consumers and insurance providers by providing a new level of accessibility within the insurance ecosystem. The company also works with insurers to provide CryptoProtect insurance coverage for digital assets and smart contracts. PolicyPal Network is a member of Singapore Fintech Association and ACCESS.

About Kyber Network

Kyber Network functions as a decentralised Ethereum-based solution that is committed to advancing the interchangeability and fluidity of digital asset conversion. Kyber’s trustless system offers a convenient and secure platform that empowers users with flexibility and choice when it comes to token exchange and payment.

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