Recap of The Digital Insurer’s Live Webinar (15 August 2018)

The Digital Insurer ran their inaugural live webinar on 15 Aug on the applications of blockchain in insurance. A platform with a community of over 20,000 people, The Digital Insurer boasts the world’s largest dedicated knowledge base on digital insurance.

In the interest of seeing how blockchain in insurance has progressed, they invited three start-ups from around the world — including PolicyPal Network — to share how they have applied this technology.

The full video is available for viewing here:

The first half of the webinar provided some context for start-ups in the blockchain insurance industry. Some of the highlights were:

  • Only 1.2% of ICOs tackle the blockchain-based insurance industry
  • 50% of ICO projects announced in Q2 2018 were not able to attract more than US$100,000

Among the key takeaways shared were:

  • Blockchain in insurance is still a very immature market
  • The industry remains ripe for massive disintermediation

The second half of the webinar comprised of three start-ups sharing how they are making use of blockchain technology in the industry. They were:

  • PolicyPal Network CEO and founder Val Yap
  • Galileo Platforms co-founder Mark Wales
  • Teambrella co-founder Alex Paperno

You can watch Val’s presentation at the 1hr 6min 42s mark of video (link above)

After each presentation, viewers were asked the following questions:

  • In the context of the overall industry, how important are the problems being solved?
  • Would you like further discussion with this start-up after today’s webinar?

Viewers were allowed to vote to indicate their answers on a scale of 1–10. Whilst not shown in the video, the moderator Simon Phipps announced most of the votes were in the region of 9 or 10, the highest attainable score.

To end off the webinar, Simon posed the following question: If you had to invest 10 BTC in only 1 of these 3 start-ups, which one would you invest in? Following the vote, we’re delighted to see 69% of viewers chose PolicyPal Network’s project.

We thank you for the support and we’re working hard as we look to roll out a new product at the end of this month. Following that, we will also be launching our Testnet come end of September. To be the first to receive the latest news, join our Telegram group or subscribe to our announcements channel.

About PolicyPal Network

PolicyPal Network is a decentralised insurance protocol that uses data to bridge the gap between consumers and insurance providers by providing a new level of accessibility within the insurance ecosystem. The company also works with insurers to provide CryptoProtect insurance coverage for digital assets and smart contracts. PolicyPal Network is a member of Singapore Fintech Association and ACCESS. PolicyPal Network’s affiliate entity, PolicyPal Singapore, has an active user base of 50,000 for its app, which helps users to manage, buy and optimise their insurance policies.

Currently, PolicyPal Network has partnerships with insurance companies, FWD and Ergo, to explore potential use cases of our decentralised insurance protocol together. Furthermore, we have also established collaborations with blockchain projects NEM, QTUM, Sentinel Protocol, MediBloc, Digix and to offer CryptoProtect and mainstream insurance products for the projects themselves, along with their respective communities.

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