It has been nearly a year since we launched the PAL blockchain mainnet with seven microinsurance products that are available on the PAL Wallet. In the recent months, there has been some shift of focus in insurance industry. We had spent the last quarter intensively pursuing new opportunities around the…

DLT Compass featured many prominent figures other than our CEO Val Ji-Hsuan Yap.

An enterprise-focused conference organised by LongHash, our CEO Val Ji-Hsuan Yap spoke at the panel ‘DLT in Insurance’ at DLT Compass just this week at The Westin Singapore.

Topics that were covered included the way DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), an umbrella term that includes blockchain, can step in and provide…

Blockchain. The revolutionary game-changing and disruptive technology, with the potential to completely change how some industries work, like the banking and insurance sectors. But is it for everyone? Blockchain technology definitely has its benefits, but it also has its downsides when compared to current technologies like a database.

There are…

PAL Network team

One of the fastest growing Singapore-based blockchain startup. We build a dual-layered protocol for financial assets and an ecosystem for product customisation.

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