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  • Frikky


    Building cool things with great people: https://frikky.com

  • Nihal Sarkar

    Nihal Sarkar

  • Aissam Kakri

    Aissam Kakri

    Founder/CEO at Belldja, Photographer, Industrial Designer, Software Engineer, Writer/Blogger, Activist, Advisor and Public Speaker. Twitter.com/@aissam_kakri

  • Benoit Baudoin

    Benoit Baudoin

  • Henri Laupmaa

    Henri Laupmaa

  • David Tofan

    David Tofan

    Digital Consultant | Entrepreneur | World Traveler

  • Simple Crypto

    Simple Crypto

    Byte sized blog posts about news and trends in crypto world.

  • Rohit Dhingra

    Rohit Dhingra

    Trading Systems Expert, Blockchain Enthusiast, Passionate Mountaineer & Dad 2.0(Twins)

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