Deleting Uber is the least you can do

In order to grow your arguments you may also check the Lima -Peru case… the company started a few years ago providing an excelent service in a country where there was no formal service, plus drivers and cars were quite dangerous, plus you had to bargain every time every rate (adding to an already terrible traffic…). Uber arrived to provide quality service, responsible licensed drivers, reasonable rates free of bargaining (very similar to those you could get in the street cabs)… in the last months and probably to compete with the increasing alternatives (cabify, taxi beat, easytaxi…) the company seems to have made a decision to grow hugely big. And since Lima probably lacks a hugely big number of good drivers instead of having to spend on training the company seems to have chosen relaxing the criteria… Filters to both cars and drivers are now nonexistent. As a user you may well find yourself in one of those daredevil driven clunkers you had been trying to avoid for years. There is no way to contact the company and explain your concerns other than the faqs in the app or the basic ranking system (there used to be email addresses but not anymore). All this is clearly the consequence of company decisions… In developing countries’ megacities, in places like Lima, Uber came to cover a market gap in a quality manner. It arrived to provide a decent public service for the first time. Not anymore. I had decreased my use of uber dramatically and despite the longer waiting times I definitely deleted the app last week. I have made my user decision. I have stopped consuming uber. I will not support this company’s irresponsibility.


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