Hello and welcome, this is a resume of the things I learned as academy.

HashSet in Java

The Java HashSet is a class that uses a hast table to collect items. It has the following characteristics:

  • HashSet storages objects
  • HashSet contains unique elements
  • HashSet allows null value
  • HashSet doesn’t mantain the order in…

Hello, this week I studied some concepts to be prepared for an interview. There are a lot of topics but here is a resume.

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Objects: are entities that contains characteristics and methods. Objects are unique in the system. …

Hello, it was the last week of the third phase. It was a good phase, a lot of learning not only in the technical part but also in soft skills. You have to learn to communicate with the repository owner and know that their schedules can vary from yours, so you have to anticipate to get an early answer. Among the important soft skills:

Cracking the coding interview: 189 Programming Questions & Solutions

I have been reading a book that guides you for an interview.

Hello, here’s a resume of the subjects I learned in the week 12 as Academy.

What is a bean?

A bean is an object that is instantiated, assembled and managed by a Spring. …

When you collaborate on an open source project, you realize how other people who are also involved in software development program. Something I learned while collaborating on a project is “Best Coding practices” .

Comment your code: it’s an important factor when you’re working as a team because more than…

Hello! In this ocassion I’m working on a Java project that uses Camunda and Micronaut.


Is a process automation tech used as a standalone process engine server, what means that it’s a platform for business process automation. …

Hello to the resume of the experiences that I have experienced as academic.

This week I’ve learned how to find contributions in Github to do my first open source.

Hello and welcome, it was the last week of the second phase as academic. This time I was working in the front end for a project that was assigned to my team. …

Hello and welcome! This is a resume of what I have learned at the Academy.

Agile in practice

This video explains the importance of pair programming. For example when two people are in a car, one person is driving while the other is focused on the destination and the directions…

Hello, this is a summary of the things that I have learned working on a project in the Academy.

Spring famework

Is an application framework for java that provides the infrastructure for developing java applications. Spring enables to develop enterprise-class applications using POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects). A POJO is…

Patricia Yellianne Alonso Rojas

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