Built an Express API

I’m probably a little too excited about this — but I just completed an assessment for class, that involved creating a simple Express app. And after years of working with and documenting RESTful JSON APIs — I just built one myself!

This is a little too cool for me. I always thought APIs would be very difficult to make, and while I know this particular one was very simple (just a simple to-do app) I still suddenly realized how it’s actually not that hard to build an API after all! For instance, instead of worrying about HTML, views, making things beautiful, all you have to worry about is processing data efficiently. When the POST body is just in JSON, it’s super easy to work with in JavaScript. It’s like building out the skeleton of the website without worrying about the front-end design, behavior, etc.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing what sorts of interesting and beautiful APIs I can build in the future.

But also, I’m ready to start figuring out how to make the back-end more robust by integrating databases like SQL and, especially, MongoDB. Given my background with APIs and using JSON, I am particularly fond of MongoDB and I can’t wait to use it to build some really cool applications!

Do you have a favorite database? Do you love building APIs? Do you hate them? Would love to hear your thoughts — feel free to comment below!

Originally published at paloobi.tumblr.com.

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