Hack for the World Hackathon!

This weekend I had an awesome time at the Hack for the World Hackathon at Facebook, presented by Powerful Women in Tech. I showed up without a team, or even an idea — which is one of my favorite ways to show up at a Hackathon!

I love hackathons. They remind me of the 24-hour play festivals I used to participate in college. The quality of the work produced is similarly creative but not quite fully baked.

It was so delightful to be coding in a room full of women coders again! Everyone there was so smart, capable, and badass. It was really quite inspiring!

This time, I worked with a team of 3 women: myself, Blithe and Carrie, and we built a prototype for a new app: OffGrid.

Check it out, here’s my team!

The idea behind OffGrid is that sometimes you want to do something where you’d just like a friend to know what you’re up to, in case something goes wrong — meeting someone to buy something on CraigsList, going on a long hike alone, things like that. In particular, as a woman, fear can prevent you from going on so many adventures. It’s a serious fun-stopper. So with OffGrid, you can just post on Facebook automatically to let people know you’re leaving, and share your location. And the idea that your friends can respond with a “Got Your Back” so you can have fun and still know someone’s got your back! Then when you get back, you can go back On Grid, and it’ll notify your friends, and delete the original Facebook post.

Of course,this being a 1-day hackathon, many of our favorite features are yet implemented. I’m working on another big project right now, so I’m not sure I’ll take it further. But you can take a look at the source code and contribute on github.

I had a wonderful time — and met some awesome ladies in tech. Thanks to Facebook for hosting the event!

Originally published at paloobi.tumblr.com.

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