Important Tips in Buying a Charlottesville Horse Farm for Sale

Important tips in buying a Charlottesville horse farm for sale.

When buying Charlottesville horse farms, make sure you are well-informed of the most important things to consider to make sure you are buying the best property for your horses.

Here are a few important tips to consider when buying a Charlottesville VA horse farm for sale:

Begin with a wish list

Make a list of all the features you want in your dream Charlottesville equestrian property. This will give you parameters to begin with for your horse farm shopping and narrow down your search.


Location affects everything, from access to land for trail riding, schools, and proximity to the town. Tour the area around the Charlottesville horse farm first to get the bigger picture and get a feel of the community and the types of local activities going on. Learn more about what you can get from Charlottesville horse farms by visiting

Property Size

When it comes to equestrian properties, bigger is not always better. Make sure you have at least one acre per horse to provide enough land for pasture time for your horses. With good management techniques, it is possible to successfully manage smaller horse pastures of one acre or less.

Tip: During winter, don’t allow your horses on pasture since grasses are dormant and the soil is soggy. Never graze grasses that are below 3 inches.


When considering a potential horse farm property features, start from the soil up. The type of soil is the most important but most overlooked consideration when shopping for a horse farm. If you want quality pasture, the type of soil affects the type and quality of grasses that your horse will graze on.

The best type of soil for pasture growth is the loamy organic soil. Avoid mud problems by making sure you use well-drained soil containing gravel. These are best for confinement areas and buildings since they do not cause too much muddy mess.

If there are existing buildings or enclosures on the equestrian property, check whether the current location is suitable by checking the state of the soil. The right type of soil makes horse management a lot easier.


Certain plants grow on certain areas only like sedges, hardhack, skunk cabbage, cattails, and rushes which grow in areas that are wet. If a certain horse farm’s pasture has any of these plants, the soil may be too wet for your horses.

Buying an equestrian property means much more than just looking at the property. It is important to consider all these factors to make sure you are get the best property for your horses. For more important points to consider in choosing the best Charlottesville horse farm, read the second part of this article.

If you need help in buying or selling Charlottesville horse farms, call me, Pam Dent at 434 960–0161.

As a native of Charlottesville VA who is both an expert in horses and equestrian properties, I have the knowledge and experience that make me the best agent to market your Charlottesville horse farms for sale.

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