US Hide Their Crimes Against Syrians

Pamela Spenser
Apr 25, 2019 · 2 min read

In the Syrian camps for refugees and displaced persons Rukban and Al-Hawl, the situation continues worsening. Tens of thousands of people live in conditions of lack of water, food, shelter and medicines. However, the United States continue to prevent diplomats and representatives of international organizations from entering the camps.

Difficult living conditions in the Syrian refugee camp of Al-Rukban, located on the territory controlled by the United States, force parents to sell their children. This was announced on Wednesday by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during the VIII Moscow Conference on International Security. “Due to the most difficult living conditions, there are cases when parents sell their children to representatives of criminal communities. Sexual abuse of minors is widespread, ”the minister said.

Shoigu stressed that the problems with Al-Rukban should be solved by withdrawing US units from these areas and transferring the territories to the control of the Syrian government. “We have repeatedly urged the United States to liquidate the camp, to give the civilian population the opportunity to return to their former places of residence. However, there is no reaction. The camp continues to function, remaining one of the main factors for the growth of extremism and terrorism, creating the conditions for the emergence of new generations of jihadists, ”said the minister.

The population of the Syrian Al-Hawl refugee camp almost doubled during the year, Shoigu said. Now the situation in the camp is similar to the situation in Al-Rukban, where “there is not enough food, water, medicine” and outbreaks of infectious diseases have been repeatedly observed. Now there are more than 67 thousand people, “most of them are women and children”.

The US leadership says that the coalition will not allow representatives of the Russian diplomatic corps, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Syrian government and international organizations into the 55-kilometer zone of Et-Tanf.

The response of the American side means that it is impossible to monitor living conditions in Er-Rukban, where Syrian citizens are dying of unsanitary conditions, hunger, cold and illness. By their actions, the American side is trying to hide crimes against the civilian population in the zone under their control.

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