KnightSpear is Project Management Simplified, made Social, and ‘Gamified’

KnightSpear, a comprehensive project management system, has recently made its BETA version available to the public.

Breaking away from the “me too” bandwagon of project management systems, KnightSpear is a collection of multiple work tools such as Task manager, Issue tracker, Chat platform, Knowledgebase and others, rolled into an easy-to-use platform.

The Development team behind KnightSpear cites the inconvenience of using multiple apps to get projects done. Their solution — centralizing the core processes in project management. This simplifies the chaotic workflows in project management and puts together the tasks, files, and discussions for easier access.

To further differentiate KnightSpear from the competition, it has Facebook-like feeds for posting announcements and sharing links and photos to cultivate a fun and engaging culture in IT departments. It’s also infused with game mechanics of points and leader board for a sense of progression and as motivation to encourage best performance.

With the growing demand for integration of AI, KnightSpear has incorporated a Chatbot which is also an efficient Work Coach who reminds the users of their overdue tasks, checks for loose ends waiting to get a response, and shares daily tips and fun trivia.

This, by far, exceeds popular work tools in terms of building a well-rounded, more motivated and productive team. CEO Jazon Samillano said, “We have long been searching for an app that’s perfect for our process and we have very young developers who love to connect and interact with their team members. We thought of putting these important features together and also incorporating feeds and gamification. The whole team just loves the idea and so we built it.”

Having too many features can be overwhelming to users but according to CEO Jazon, “We’ve taken into consideration the average learning curve for both technical and non-technical users in developing KnightSpear. In addition, our team will relentlessly improve our usability and will always aim to deliver the best user experience”.

KnightSpear is currently on public BETA until the end of June 2017 and is accessible through their website at