What are the achievements you are most proud of?

The first thing I saw when I opened Medium was an article titled: When you reach for the stars, reaching is what matters.

I didn’t pay attention to who wrote it or to what it was about. At that moment, I had my own realisation — everything we do, we do it because of everything we experience to get there — like the stars, reaching is what counts.

Let me put it like that. When we achieve something, we feel happy. Normal. But when we go back the memory lane we usually remember the moments related to everything that we have experienced on the way to our achievement. Why might you ask? Because that is what really made an impact.

People tend to aim at goals, dreams and achievements. Nothing wrong with that. But we also tend to forget that what happens on the way to our last “checkpoint” is actually what really takes for the achievement to happen and what brings us all the emotions.

Think about it. Recently I had to answer the following question, instantly, without having the opportunity to overthink my answer:

What are the achievements you are most proud of?

I am young and my base for comparison is not that big.(Yes, I know, this statement doesn’t always apply) But I still had to answer.What am I most proud of and here is the answer I gave:

What are achievements, goals, milestones, steppingstones, targets?
Maybe the question should be put in a way — what are you grateful for, what made you the happiest till this point, what is your brightest impression in life — but aren’t these all the same?
One thing that you consider an “achievement now”, might lose its meaning on the journey ahead. 
One thing that made you happy today, might not carry any emotion after tomorrow. Why? 
Because with every single feeling and experience — we change. For good or for bad, we change. And everything within us changes slightly, unnoticeable, but with a long-term impact.
If you ask me, is not the end achievement that should be talked about, it is what we did to get there — because that is what we have achieved.
So to answer the question — the achievement I am most proud of is to be able to continue experiencing life with all its ups and downs.

A bit of dramatic answer, but I do agree with what I have said. We rush life. We underestimate the process. We stay blind for the details and look for the end picture. And very often this end picture brings a momentum of satisfaction and then it just POOFS! But the marks of all that happened during the process are still here, inside of us, we just need to notice them.

Maybe right now you are asking yourself, why am I reading this?


If not, good, we are on the same page… but if you are, I want you to ask yourself the same question. I guarantee it is very hard to answer because most of the things that might come to your mind are an accumulation of events that ended up in the one thing that you are most proud of. And there is never one thing. If there is, it will be the one and only that will pop out first and then I can’t argue with you. But as I said earlier, something that mattered today might no mean a single “feeling” tomorrow.

The few thoughts I am trying to share are:

Don’t rush. You might skip everything that can bring a smile on your face, a memory in your life.

Not always what you think you need, is what you actually need, but the energy you spend to get it is not wasted. What you have learned on the way is the biggest take. Even better, now you know that you don’t need it, so you can stop wondering and nagging yourself.

Last but not least, and my fav — whatever you achieve feels the best when you have who to share it with. So on the way to achieving NEVER forget those around you, probably they were the main reason that you have actually achieved it.

I put some of my thoughts on paper, some people draw them, others keep it for themselves. I believe that thoughts shouldn’t be always kept. They need to be shared in one way or another, that is the only way to grow them and let them blossom. To change them and improve them. So I would love to hear your answer — What are the achievements you are most proud of?