Kevin from Contena asked me where I would like to work the other day. So here goes.

Where I Would Like to Work

Hi Kevin

I’ve been reading your blogs with interest and noticed you want to know where would I like to work.

Pam Hickman Freelance Writer

I work from home in my pyjamas, looking out of my study window, across the garden and over the fields; it is quite a view, with birds, cats, our black Labrador and the odd rabbit and even monk jack. The whole point of me freelancing is to continue to do this. As I’m a bit of an outdoors girl, who loves nothing more than walking and being in the great outdoors. Writing in the study is the closest I get to this and, of course, when I need a break I can pop downstairs into the garden or take the dog for a walk across the fields. It is bliss.

Idyllic View

The natural environment gives me a taste of freedom. Previously I worked for three large corporates for 25 years. In 2013 lots of rubbish stuff happened in my personal life. A few bereavements became the catalyst; these made me start to think about life and the quantity of time I was spending working. Yes, I earned a fantastic salary, but when I worked out the amount of time I invested working each day, plus the commute to London and the Home Counties my hourly rate was quite terrifying. I quickly needed to change direction.

My Lessons

I’ve learned lots of stuff along the way. For example, networking does work, but I quickly discovered I needed to weigh up the quantity of time I spent talking to people, to get work, from them. Initially, I spent quite a bit of time going to networking meetings, but the payback was small, especially when I weighed up the annual networking invoices.

I then worked for a few content mills just to get some experience that was good, but equally quite exasperating when you worked out how much I was worth. Then I spoke to friends and family and quickly got some work.

I’d like to think that nowadays I am a little more experienced in knowing what works for me and what doesn’t. Yes, I get recommendations — this is superb. And yes believe it or not I do land some good jobs through the freelancing sites. However, I now want to be choosy and am not prepared to be a busy fool any longer. I used to be the Communications Manager for Tesco, — yes Tesco back in the good old days when it was the number 1 retailer. I know I am an excellent wordsmith and love writing. I am hardworking, hold a law degree and masters in international and European law and have years of business acumen.

I am willing to work hard with the right people. I know I have what it takes and am determined to make a living out of writing successfully. So here goes. You’d be crazy not to give me the opportunity to see what I am capable of doing.

Best wishes


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