Your Business, Your Profit, My Words

You’ve got a great product or service. You want to get noticed. Your message needs to be clear and consistent.
You need a direct response copywriter.

• The benefit of direct response copywriting is it’s immediately measurable.
• Your clients will want to order now or complete the form. 
• You will be able to focus on what’s working for your business.
• More importantly, you won’t be wasting your hard earned cash.

Remember it’s Your Business, Your Profit, My Words.

What is a copywriter?
• A copywriter extensively researches your product or brand
• They then write your online or print material content, for the purpose of advertising or marketing
• The aim is to increase your sales, fast
• The benefit is you only pay for a copywriter when you need them, unlike a marketing company
• Generic marketing doesn’t ask for calls to action, such as ‘order now’. Instead, it will build on
brand awareness
• However, brand awareness takes time, and you won’t get results fast

What sets me apart from other copywriters?
• A Lean Six Sigma Project Manager
• 20 years of writing content for blue chip companies 
• Experience in achieving retail key performance indicators
• A direct response copywriter who gets results, fast

Mission Statement
• My objective is to help you by writing compelling copy that will increase your profit. I am professional and work with integrity.

Copywriting services
• Website content writer
• Experienced proofreader
• Direct Mail
• Articles
• Brochures
• E-mail marketing
• Social Media profiles and blogging

For a FREE consultation, including a review of your website and print material, please contact me.
I work remotely from home. However, I am only a 59-minute train journey from London and frequently travel down to the city for business.

I look forward to working with you.

Please email me at

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