Miami-Dade Mayor Submits US Space Command Nomination

Pamela Berkowsky
Pamela Berkowsky

Pamela Berkowsky serves as a Senior Executive Defense Consultant to the South Florida Defense Alliance (SFDA), focusing on defense innovation and resiliency initiatives. The SFDA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that seeks to unite, support and grow the defense community and DOD investments and infrastructure in South Florida — to include the quad-county areas of Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. ( Prior to her defense and resiliency work in Florida, Pamela Berkowsky had a distinguished career at the Pentagon, during which she proudly served in several senior positions, including Assistant Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Special Assistant to two consecutive Under Secretaries of the Navy, and Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition.

The recent creation of DOD’s newest military branch, the US Space Force, has generated opportunities for new commands, supporting structures, infrastructure and related business development. The SFDA recently partnered with Space Florida, the state’s aerospace and spaceport development authority, to host a South Florida Stakeholder Engagement Program (SEP) to bring together the region’s commercial and defense-related space assets.. This event demonstrated the broad range of South Florida’s current space expertise — ranging from federal partnerships and ongoing academic research, to innovative tech start-ups, aerospace medicine, professional services and cybersecurity — and highlighted the region’s potential value to the nascent Space Force. The SEP helped to establish the predicate for Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Jimenez to submit a nomination for consideration to host the headquarters for US Space Command. The mayor’s June 2020 submittal to the Air Force has garnered the endorsement of Governor Ron DeSantis, along with seven other eligible Florida communities, and now proceeds to the next step in the Air Force strategic basing process.

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