Making The Road Is Hard on the Feet, Pt. 2
Justin Jacoby Smith

I am in the picture above, somewhere a speck behind that banner. I remember how it felt to see our destination, “Our House”, as we came around that bend. I carried my own huge American flag, my country’s colors, Old Glory. I was so pumped, so proud to rally and march with those who were willing to fight for Democracy, to risk arrest and potentially physical harm for Free and Fair Elections, MoneyOutVotersIN, MoneyAin’tSpeech, CorporationsAren’tPeople, APeopleUnitedwillNeverbeDivided and stand up against corruption in American politics. We were doing strong work. We could make a difference. Though we were supposed to be non partisan, most of us Are Berners. We know that. Most of us are definitely and fiercely Anti Clinton because she is the embodiment of all we were fighting against. Some of us suffered physical injuries while getting arrested for trying to get in to the DNC to execute a Citizens Arrest on Hillary Clinton for her crimes. Now you want us to vote for her. No. I think Democracy Spring could have put all this wonderful positive Love, Peace and Happiness energy and momentum to good use in continuing the fight for Free and Fair Elections by exposing the evidence of Election Fraud, pushing to DeCertify the Nomination and bring back the People’s Choice and true winner of the nomination, Bernie Sanders. We had a voice, we lost credibility. I think Democracy Spring is floundering like a fish on shore. It was never necessary to align with any candidate. It was only necessary to stay the course and remain true to ourselves. With that said and having to answer to a higher authority, I will continue the good fight on my own guided by these words,“to thine own self be true” . #NeverHillary. Pam Borden, a commoner, a patriot.

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