An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Well put, Stefanie. I worked many tough jobs with long hours in my teens and twenties. I did the restaurant work, the factory jobs, the shitty paying stuff that you have to do to make it sometimes. Even when I got my first job in education, it didn’t pay a damn thing. I free-lanced - which left me so poor that I took a second job at a goat-cheese farm! Not exactly the celebrity life I imagined. But unless you are independently wealthy, that’s what we do in the real world. If we all simply sat on our asses and “followed our bliss,” how would anything happen in this world? There was much to be learned, many to meet, and a colorful path to travel. Anything handed to you can’t be fully appreciated or valued.

Yelp is a snarky, mean-spirited site that encourages people to be dicks. Is that what you want to do with you life anyhow? It sounds like waiting tables or serving burgers would be a step up. Put on your big-girl pants, indeed!

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