Paintball Guns — Hopper Fed Vs Magazine Fed

Helen D. Chappell
Apr 4, 2017 · 2 min read

So, you should play paintball? If you are beginning out, go to the field and rent your gear. After you are ready to get your very own gear, what really should you buy? There are lots of choices in paintball guns or markers. The largest distinction is definitely the loader. Do you want a hopper fed paintball gun? Do you’d like a magazine fed paintball gun?

The field of battle can way within your choice. Should you play inside or outside you may possess a preference for every single predicament. Though both paintball markers are widely utilized in all playing fields, you’ll find some principal differences. The hopper can give away tactical position when sticking up over the barrel/body in the gun. The hopper fed is identified to become a more rapidly loader. Just think of loading the paintballs into the hopper and letting it rip. A magazine requires just a little longer to load than just filling a hopper. But as soon as you’ve got the magazines loaded, you can adjust them out as required around the field of play. The magazine fed paintball marker is becoming more well known and is referred to as the additional tactical instruction weapon. If you’re wanting to play like you are inside the field of battle like a Marine, the magazine fed paintball marker is the solution to go.

Today’s paintball markers are hard to distinguish from a “real gun.” To actually get into techniques and playing like a police or military unit, pick a magazine fed paintball gun. The options are endless. You can get an AK-47, shotgun, pistol, or even a custom paintball gun. It can be generally great to try out the choices prior to you purchase. Visit a regional paintball field and check out their rentals. Ask other players why they like the guns they use. Choose what will greatest fit your wants and get started buying! No matter which way you decide on, you might be prepared to mark your competition with either the hopper or magazine fed paintball gun! Find out more click best magazine loader