Secret Service rent out hotel rooms too when they are with the president.
lord baal

When the SS rent out hotel room for prior presidents; said president did not profit from the increased cost of the rooms. This president, against all laws, profits from every flight, every room rented, and we taxpayers are too give up all kinds of social or safety net departments of government. So we can spend over 3 million dollars a weekend trip so he can golf, and by the way, force that small airport near his course to go bankrupt!

All other Presidents and their kids move to Washington, which means we are not paying HIM rent to protect HIS wife and kid in their non WH homes. What is so special about this one that we should be spending so much extra taxpayers dollars, to keep her out of his bedroom! Divorce the SOB already and stop costing us extra dollars.

Besides the fact that they claim to be so rich, if they want special treatment, they should pay for it themselves! They sue enough people, they can afford it!

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