Why you’re not the Success you Want to be
Chris Herd

LOL. Leadership of companies will probably ignore you due to the “It’s not a problem until it’s a problem,” mentality. WASSUP TAKATA… Believe me, I’ve worked within a number of companies and, nobody wants to lower the ROI by implementing something smart– until it hurts the ROI… Then it was never your idea.

The worst I dealt with was a company that went with, “It’s not a problem until someone complains, then it’s your fault but we aren’t going to fix it until 10 people complain, then it’s your fault.” That went on to, “We don’t care because the product is a freebie promotion…”

Well, that freebie promotion came to a minimum of 4 remakes shipped out to almost half the 14,000 customers, in addition to the 4–8 remakes that never left the manufacturing line. Now, ya’ll are down 9–12 raw materials, 9–12 costs of lost labor and 5 costs of shipping for a product nobody paid for to begin with… Not to mention, days of fruitless engineering attempts to turn an emaciated pig into a beautiful debutante–

4 other employees plus myself had declared material unfit for use since ordering samples 3 months prior and useless inspection. “Just order the damn Thailand product. This Chinese garbage is going to be more waste than it’s worth.” All because they wanted to save 14 cents a piece on raw material.

After making our team inspect multiple pallets of product (1 pallet=40 Boxes containing 36 unites of which 1/4 were barely acceptable) just to say, “Too bad, we already ordered 4 shipping containers. Deal with it.” We had to create an additional line in manufacturing for quality inspection, just to pick out material that might make it down the manufacturing line successfully… An entire box of material MIGHT have successfully put out ONE acceptable product.

Talk about being ignored and frustrated. Not only were we told we didn’t work hard enough over 60–80 hour weeks during the Holiday Season blackout, we weren’t worthy of a bonus, lucky to take only a pay cut and not be fired.” BTW, the company was run by a former Amazon executive.

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