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Adjusting to Full-time Working from Home

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I started (for the 2nd time) a full-time solopreneurship in July of 2008. My husband and I live in a relatively large house (SIX bedrooms for two people and a little dog) and for the first few years, I worked from my home office in the first-floor den.

At the time (before Zoom, etc.), we also had a big dog, and I just wasn’t comfortable with clients coming to my home. So on the one hand, if I wanted to meet clients, I’d have to pack up my laptop, etc., and meet them at a noisy coffee shop or somewhere similar. …

Making Your Books Into Your Business

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What Is An ISBN?

The acronym “ISBN” stands for International Standard Book Number and is the identification number for your book. For each format of your book that you publish, print, digital, and audio, you will need a separate ISBN.

If you make significant changes to your book in the future, you will need to get another ISBN for each format. Many authors do that and publish the 2nd edition of their book, to update the copy for several different reasons.

Since 2017, ISBNs have been issued with 13 digits and includes information such as the publisher, the country, and the title. …

What Parts are Constitutional Law and What Parts are Tradition

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Introduction to this Series on the Constitution

I am a retired educator of all grades from Pre-K through university, but the majority of my public school teaching experience was with middle and high school students. I primarily taught English, Language Arts, History, and Government.

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but my interest in politics and the Constitution began when I was a child: 1) From the age of 5 when my grandmother dragged me with her block after block to register people to vote, and 2) when my 5th-grade class was assigned to memorize and recite the “Preamble to the Constitution.”

How Did THAT Happen?

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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Although I have lived in other cities at different times of my life, Detroit is my hometown and Detroit is the foundation and lens through which I see the world and write about my personal and professional experiences.

The Great Migration

Yes, I can work all day without my MacBook Pro!

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Back in the old days, Pre-COVID, I loved to go out to coffee shops, restaurants, by the riverfront, and other similar places just to work in a different environment. Rather than carrying my 15-inch MacBook Pro with me, I could work with just one or both of my iPads and my iPhone.

When indoor dining was closed due to the pandemic, I was pretty much confined to my home office. (My beautiful coworking space all but closed down, too.)

Although I am a natural introvert, by now I am getting tired of being in the house all the time. Here in Michigan, many dining outlets have installed heat lamps and tents so that patrons could again come and sit and eat and drink coffee while also social-distancing. …

Why I am repeating my 2020 Word for the Year

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Near the end of 2020, like many people, I was thinking about what my “Word for the Year” would be for 2020. After such a momentous year filled with highs and lows, I was struggling with coming up with a word and theme that would hopefully help to guide me through this new and hopefully better year.

But my husband suggested that I keep my word from last year, “Reclamation,” and continue it into 2021. At the beginning of 2020, I felt that there were many things, mostly personal, that I had to reclaim to be better and more positively balanced overall. …

Important Tips for Book Marketing Effectiveness

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The End

You’ve written an excellent book and your excited readers are thinking: “What happens now?” Your readers want more, but if all they see at the end of your book are blank pages, you are missing big book marketing opportunities and your readers are actually sad because they want more and don’t know how to get more of what you gave them in the book they just finished.

This is where the back matter of your book becomes so important. …

What the Preamble is and what it says

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The dictionary defines a preamble as a preliminary or preparatory statement; an introduction. The Preamble to the Constitution, written in the summer of 1787, is exactly that: an introduction to the document that represents the highest law of this country. The preamble, which is a 52-word paragraph that lists five overall objectives, but is not the law itself, and does not define either the powers of the government or any individual rights. The actual Constitution document does that.

Of course, the Constitution and its original laws were intended to apply only to white, Christian Protestant, straight, property-owning men, but that is a conversation for another time and place. …

I will be publishing almost daily on a variety of topics

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I have had a Medium account for the past several years, but I didn’t start writing my own Medium stories until last year. I attempted to write three times a week regularly, but I didn’t always succeed.

For a while, there were a few months when I published just a few or even no stories. Part of the reason was because I had three separate but related companies and a podcast, and I had a lot of client work that kept me very busy.

I finally completely retired in September 2020, and that gave me some breathing room. Starting in 2021, I am now planning to publish five days a week and to spread my stories among my three publications, and also occasionally as a guest on other publications. …

My 5 Favorite Features

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The Notes app from Apple is one of the oldest native apps for the iPhone, the iPad, and the Mac. It began as just a basic note-taking app, but since its major upgrade with the release of iOS13, Notes has become much more useful. We are now on iOS14 and we also have the dedicated iPad iOS.

Disclaimer: I am a total Apple Fangirl. I have two Macs, two iPads, and always the latest iPhone. When I write about apps or systems, I am writing from that worldview. Some of the apps I discuss MAY work on Windows and Android, but I cannot speak to that. …


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Biz consultant, writer, editor, author, publisher, podcaster, speaker. Founder/CEO: Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C) and Detroit Ink Publishing (DIP).

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