A Small Slice on My Plate is Better Than the Rest of the Pie

I’ve been bawling half the day, lamenting all the friends I don’t have. Because I’m stuck in Adult Friending Troubles Hell and this image is deficit-focused:

Bollocks, the author is a pessimist spreading darkness like the plague. Also, I am the author.

So True Pam is working with the Anti-Pam today, and we are reframing this.

That slice indicates loads of potential friends! Think of how powerful and positive one single friendship can be – and that slice of potential friends represents opportunity for meaningful connections!

Anti-Pam still thinks that’s a bit too ‘Pollyanna’, but when depression lightens, the whole world looks different. Even though it’s actually the ‘same’ image as it was yesterday, I see it differently for a moment. That’s it, but it’s a step in the right direction, right?