Sears Death Roast

Sears economic searing ending

self-inflicted by you and me buying cheap china crappage

hurting real good, but we too dumb to help ourselves

and ya’ll ain’t got proper instagrammar

cz me n u we R txting wtf imho seriously fml

little words poke holes

leaking money blood brains

pen mighty or double-edged


drill bit nib effective

also ineffective/meaningless

pen not pointless

or is it pointless

like a flea floating

river water spiders on




of futile word holes

the nada nothings

but nothing’s invisible

in miserable

seas of fishermen


bate (flap wings to escape from nest, or mark with time stamp or die with bated breath, which i thought was baited breath until now)

it seems

there is no guarantee

no rebates

no warranty

just war on we

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