Daily Affirmations: Soar to Greater Heights

The day breaks and I rise with anticipation of what the day will bring. Today, I re-mind myself that I am strong and I am capable of achieving everything that I set my mind to. Yes, sometimes the odds seem insurmountable. Yes, some days are easier than others. But still, as I rise each day, I feel my inner strength gather and I move with that inner strength, in confidence that I might soar to greater heights. Each new day is an opportunity to rise above the problems in my life. Each new days is an opportunity to forge a new direction. Each new day is my chance to make a difference in the world and so I face the day asking the Universe, “what would you have me do this day, that I might make a difference?” My intent today is to rise above whatever keeps me down. My intent today is to soar to greater heights. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Namaste… Pamela

Originally published at PamelaLeavey.com.