Are You A Racist?

“Did you say: ‘Oh, Israel-Palestine!’ as if the Jewish community in this country should take collective responsibility for the action of Jews elsewhere?”


You sir are as bad as the rest! As we bury our latest dead here in Israel — you a JEW distance yourself from us. “THEY” aren’t “US”. Where is your OUTCRY against the lies perpetuated against Israel — the ethnic, historic, religious homeland of the Jews — the MORAL beacon in the Middle East reviled and demonised by the anti-Semites?

You speak up about Holocaust deniers but boost the ISRAEL deniers. And the tragedy is you don’t even realise you are doing it. Jewish sense of fair play always has to see both sides.

Tell me how you explain that in Jerusalem yesterday a young man (Israeli, a Jew), newly married was gunned down as he went to save others from a murderer (“Palestinian”, a Muslim)? A mother, a grandmother, simply standing waiting for a train, was also slaughtered. Others are fighting for their lives, as we can only cry for the lost, and pray for the survivors.

And what happened outside the home of the murderer? Celebrations, sweets and cakes handed out, cheering at the death of the Jews, finding joy — even though the murderer had in the end been killed his mother was there, laughing! Hailing him as a hero and a martyr. Source of pride to her and her “people”!