From where I’m sitting, there are only two possible solutions for re-calibrating the political spectrum to redefine leftist radicalism and far right conservatism. We can continue to slowly build grassroots movements and increase pressure on the powers that be to abandon their regressive and oppressive regimes…. or we can punch cops.
In Defense of Punching Cops
The DiDi Delgado

After waking up to the news that shootings sharply increased yesterday in Chicago (after holding relatively — relatively — steady throughout the long holiday weekend), we’ve got this to cheer us on.

Could the author possibly oversimplify and distort a complex problem more than she has already done?

Or advocate violence more directly?

She is not the first to advocate violence. And won’t be the last.

But this shallow “essay”, draped in pseudo-intellectualism (“In Defense Of…”), appearing today, after the violently long weekend here, on the clean, white, hip and techy site of Medium, just sickens the heart and the mind.

My God, do we need intelligent, wise, compassionate leadership.

From where and when it will appear, is anyone’s guess.

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