What to ask Angela Ahrendts

Daily questions edition #5

Angela Ahrendts is the rockstar CEO who turned once tired and stuffy luxury brand, Burberry, into a relevant digital-led label for the emerging millennial elite.

She gave Burberry a clear and ambitious direction that Consultants she hired to help her build the plan told her Board she had a 5% chance of achieving. She united her team, took leaps and achieved that plan, one year early.

I want to be Angela. I want her ability to maintain a vision. I want her ability to empower her people to strive for impossible goals. I want the satisfaction of giving it your all and winning.

Here are my questions for Angela:

  1. With Burberry, you made some very ambitious goals that you were able to realise. Along the journey how did you maintain the clarity and confidence to maintain that course and not second-guess yourself or be turned off by obstacles?
  2. What are the practical ways you were able to unite the Burberry team towards your vision for the 5 years it took you to realise it?
  3. The Burberry job was your first in the CEO position. How did it feel to take that step up and how did you manage any feelings of ‘can I actually do it?!?’, if you had any?
  4. As your team has grow, how have you decided what new roles you needed?
  5. You’ve said you’re successful because of the team’s you’ve worked with. But you were once just an employee climbing the ladder and someone had to see something in you to say yes, Angela is the person for the job – what did they see?

Why am I asking 5 new questions every day? Find out and join in.

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