Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Well Brooke, no one was more shocked and stunned then I was when Barack Obama turned his back on the champion of the working class Bernie Sanders and supported the oligarchy in the form of Hillary Clinton. He must have known as we all did, that maybe 4 people, certainly two, connected with the DNC died so that she could control the election as nominee. I guess I thought that as a black man he would put the people first. I was so wrong. I also thought he was a man of principle, unable to be swayed from the ethics he had endorsed for so long. How wrong I was. We have had the spectacle of black men supporting the Republican Party, and that was bad enough, but when an elected President, the first black man to be elected to that office, shows he is not to be trusted and will side with murderers and cheats, then all hope is gone for America, I feel. At the moment, I am so deflated and saddened that I have withdrawn my support for all the movements over there, in the wake of even Bernie himself, coming out and supporting Clinton, who he knew got there not by fair means, but my murder most foul. Maybe he feared for his life, or that of his family members, but he did have one option, and that was to refuse to support her and do what he did the next day anyhow; resign from the Democratic Party and go back to being an Independent. Had he done that, and run for office in that capacity, he would have undoubtedly won the Presidency. So, forget the liars who are white, and admit that even your black President supported a corrupt liar who was quite possibly behind the murders of DNC associated men like Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas: Hillary Clinton. As for the rigged election, to date not one word out of the President’s mouth. How shameful is that? He lies, without even opening his mouth. There was no one more excited than me when he won office, especially the first time. Now I refuse to sign his congratulatory messages.