We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less — But We Are Asking The Wrong Question
Joe Flower

I understand the way you’re looking at it, but for me it’s all about taking the profit out of healthcare. But, how dare anyone benefit from someone elses lack of health! When there is no profit, there won’t be any unecessary tests, procedures or drugs. It’s stricktly healthcare. I have an issue with this since our government was formed for the good of the whole. The profiteering in healthcare is NOT good for the whole, rather it is only good for the few. So since our government is now involved in healthcare, it needs to follow the rule to benefit the whole. That means taking those who don’t want to work for the calling out of the government plan. Those who can finance their own practices on the pocketbooks of the rich should do so. But the majority of doctors should be educated on the government’s expense account with a future contract that includes an appropriate income for skills. This, my friends, will resolve the healthcare crisis affordability. Those big corporations will just have to find somewhere else to take advantage of individuals.

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