What makes an article popular on Medium? We analyzed 10,000+ data points to find out
Ryan McCready

While I appreciate your analysis and hope that many people find it helpful, I also hope that people will continue to write what and how they want instead of conforming to perceived best practices, which leads, inevitably, to the type of content homogenization that will ultimately drive people away. I started reading Medium to get away from, well, repetitive marketing content and content marketing topics since I’m getting (more than) enough of that on other platforms. I’ve tried to focus my attention here on people who are writing to actually say something unique and emotionally compelling vs. people who are already well known writing click bait and trying to manipulate me into reading their posts or sign up for their newsletters. If Medium could help me find high quality content instead of pushing generic 6th grade reading level content from people who already have high follower counts, I’d be really grateful.

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