What the Law Says on Social Security Disability

pamelia ellifritz
Jun 29, 2018 · 2 min read

This is actually based on a law that dictates who qualifies for a social security disability insurance as well as supplemental security income. This law will also dictate the amount to be received by these persons. Primarily, they will always seek to address the problems faced by people who become disabled and unable to work for a period of at least twelve months. These rules that guide this particular law have not been fully informed to the public. We seek to understand a few basics that are important in this given law.

The requirements for eligibility of this given social security disability program are certain — see at social security Bucks County. This qualification will be pegged on the number of work credits that the employee has accrued over a period of time. Whatever earnings that the applicant receives will often determine this. You will have to obtain forty work credits. This means that you need to have worked for at least ten years. The applicant needs to be disabled. This means that they have to show disability to continue working in their areas of qualification. Such needs to be brought about by medical impairment. This inability needs to be both complete and long term. It is possible for you to claim this online. Feel free to call or visit the nearest social security office. It is necessary that you provide a bunch of information. Such will involve both work and medical history details. There are times that you will need to give a description of your doctor so as to complete this information.

There is a possibility of you appealing a decision that you find to be fairly unfavorable. There are various stages that then allow you to make this kind of appeal. You will be granted the opportunity to present your medical reports in a bid to improve your chances. This is the sole reason why the social security administration will reconsider their initial stand. As you look forward to appealing your case, you will get a number of judges that will be of help. Vocational experts will always be present for further guidance. This will often happen on the first stage of your appeal. You will be free to appeal to the Appeals Council if the judgement reached at this initial stage does not favor you. This is basically what will make having a disability lawyer a necessity. Having a lawyer by your side will better the chances to win your appeal. Most of these lawyers will not ask to be paid upfront. Be reminded that it is however necessary that these lawyers be paid after you win your case. It is therefore necessary that you get a reputable attorney to help you during such times. Learn more from Bucks County social security disability.

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