“Lois The Superhero” courtesy of Debby Yanconetti, Visit her Redbubble shop.

Does Your Superhero Wear Boots?

I dream of opening a “Design Your Superhero Costume” Shop. The not-yet-existent shop sits behind an deep red awning with bright orange dots and houses my imaginary profession of superhero costume designer. When you enter a little bell sounds, I look up and take in your superherocity. We talk, covering the keys to your costume creation.

Context– Tell me about your favorite books, of childhood, summer reading, books that excited your intellect in high school or college. Your favorite movie characters. Did you identify with Jo, but yearn to be Nikita? Are you Henry V, Rocky, the Rock? Would you be most at home in Brooklyn, Paris, Palestine or Pemberley?

Style–Describe three of your favorite outfits from your youth. How did you feel in those outfits?

Powers — Your superhero powers may be real as well as aspirational. Consider special tools — your outfit may need a place to hang your compass, arrows, stirring spoon or wand. If you are currently well grounded but aspire to flight I will give you a cape.

Achievements– What stories do your family and friends tell about you? Pick two you like.

Shoes — I can guess, but tell me. Hightops? High heels? Runway or cowboy?

That’s the conversation, from there, together we will design your superhero outfit.

My Superhero Costumes

I know it is poor branding, but I have two costumes: one for the beach and then a city outfit. They have nothing in common. For the beach I have skinny legged striped jeans, low top red shoes. Fitted sweatshirt jacket and a beach-towel cape. I can find whole sand dollars, leap from ocean rock to cliff top, rescue small children from oncoming giant waves. Float for hours in a cold, calm, ocean beyond the tide break. Roll up on my towel and let the warm sand and sun bring feeling back into my numbed skin. The super power is the power of levity and joy and calm and summer.

My city super hero is all about the tall, black, fitted boots. Boots that can travel from cobblestones to nightclubs. Take the bus to the train to the museum. They can find the way to anywhere. These boots are full of the power of life that sees and lives and reads and listens. As a child my boots made me feel cool- combined with my brown suede skirt and a red ribbed top my boots transformed me from mouse to powerhouse. Boots are magic, they hold strength, they are the cornerstone of my “design your superhero costume shop.”

Consider the questions, your answers, let’s get going on that outfit.