Alzheimer’s Claims Another Victim
Kim Smyth

My brother and I are right there with your husband!

Of all the things I have seen and read I like this presentation the best. Dr. Frank Longo is Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University.

About 30 minutes in he presents information on what you can do. He says “I’m going to save you from looking at 10,000 websites — and give you the research in about 7 slides.

Top thing? Exercise — 40% reduced risk. If nothing else, look at the “exercise and decreased amyloid accumulation” slide. The final slide is shown for less than a second — at minute 53:02

So we have risk (my brother and I) we can accept it (which we do) and decrease that risk as much as possible. My husband sees a neurologist for his early onset alzheimers — that Neurologist says 150 minutes of high-cardio exercise a week. “working like an athlete, not just brisk walking” So-I have rationalized the purchase of overly expensive fit-bit watches, the ones that measure heart-rate, and we are sure to get our 150 minutes in weekly.

Take care!

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