Impeachment For Dummies: or How progressives were conned into supporting Joe Biden for President

Pam Ho
Pam Ho
Dec 22, 2019 · 7 min read
Lesson 1: Don’t Do THIS!

What if Trump wasn’t impeached for trying to get dirt on Joe Biden? What if Joe Biden was successfully exposed by the Trump administration for using his position as VP to derail a corruption investigation into the company his son and other Washington insiders were making big money on???

Joe Biden would not be sitting pretty in the polls right now, is one likely outcome.

In fact there is a good chance that if Trump was allowed to do his job investigating the misuse of power that Joe Biden is accused of doing by many, there is a good chance Joe Biden would drop out of the race.

So why is it that all the candidates who are running against Joe Biden supported an impeachment knowing it couldn’t actually remove Trump, and therefore had no real world result except to save Joe Biden?

Do they want Biden to win??? What is wrong with those people? They are literally too dumb to deserve to win. The Liberal Elites were so freaked out about Joe Biden openly bragging about bribing the Ukrainian president to stop a prosecutor from doing his job, that they tried to use that to impeach Trump with! How insane is that? They impeached Trump for trying to investigate Biden for bragging about an obvious case of corruption — and the progressives were so afraid of their own shadows that they went along with it! Happily! AOC and the squad were doing backflips while being played for suckers! They happily gave up their golden opportunity to remove their biggest obstacle to getting a progressive in the White House. For what? To make Trump look kinda bad? Not even real bad. Just KINDA BAD!??!

Trump wanted an investigation of Biden misusing his position as VP to openly bribe the Ukrainian president to remove the prosecutor who was investigating a company whom many people believed were on track to make billions from huge gas deposits in Ukraine. Biden is on video saying he did that. He bragged about it on tape in front of an audience.

I imagine all of the candidates who voted for impeachment didn’t want to rock the establishment boat and decided it was better to aid Biden then aid Trump. Maybe they are vying for a spot as VP under a Biden administration?

The company at the center of all this has connections to many VIPs in Washington and elsewhere. If you shake the Burisma tree who knows what happens, right? So maybe a grappler like an Amy Klobuchar, or a corporate accountant like a Pete Buttigieg or a corporate lawyer like an Elizabeth Warren, maybe they want to rise up in the establishment plutocracy and know that their place in that hierarchy is threatened if they aid in exposing leading members of the plutocracy to corruption charges and, I dunno, not getting the nomination for president?

But what about Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard you say? They are not establishment lifers. Yang said he was against impeachment. So he is not a complete sellout or fool.

Tulsi Gabbard criticized the impeachment as lacking gravitas, saying that if they really wanted to remove Trump there was plenty of probable cause rather than their obviously purely partisan attempt through a misuse of impeachment protocols. I mean, there is no specific crime mentioned in the impeachment, because as the witnesses stated, there was no actual statement from Trump asking for a quid pro quo from Zelensky, or anyone else. They impeached him on the idea that “mind reading” is now an acceptable prosecutorial protocol. They claim that even though Trump did not explicitly say he wanted Biden investigated in return for aid, that “they know” that the Ukrainian leaders were able to “read his mind” and get that message from him.

The impeachment was not about removing Trump since there was no crime they can point to and say “you broke the law.” And without that there is no way the Senate will remove Trump. Nixon resigned because they had something they could point to and say “this is a crime” that everyone in the world would agree with. There were literal tapes of Nixon committing literal crimes. Not so with Trump.

With Clinton the “crime” was lying about an embarrassing situation. Yes he lied. But the impeachment failed to remove him since everyone can relate to lying about an embarrassing situation. Impeachment needs something THE WORLD can agree with. America used to be seen as an example to many people in the world of good governance. Our political leaders used to understand what that meant when it came to how they conducted themselves when the WORLD was watching intently. Not so anymore. The inmates have taken over the assylum. All they care about is themselves.

There is literally nothing but “Orange Man Bad” as the cause of impeachment in the indictment. In truth Trump was impeached because they wanted to hinder a Biden investigation. They knew it would not remove Trump after the failed Russiagate dog and pony show. Tulsi Gabbard pointed to actual impeachable offenses when she explained her reluctance to vote yes or no — but instead the leadership chose to make up an impeachable offense that they knew will do nothing but hopefully create a political atmosphere which can protect Joe Biden from an investigation. Why didn’t they impeach Trump over his actual crimes as Tulsi Gabbard pointed out? Because their purpose wasn’t removal from office, which they saw as impossible anyways since the crimes Tulsi pointed to were not objected to by the Democratic establishment at the time, and in fact they supported Trump in those crimes.

The purpose wasn’t removal from office, it was to save Biden because he is the main establishment choice for president. He is the Senator from MasterCard after all. So of course they will circle the wagons to protect him.

What about Bernie Sanders and the other supposedly anti-establishment “progressive” politicians and media? Why did they support the impeachment knowing it stood no chance at removing Trump? Did they also want to save Joe Biden? Are they all secretly crypto-fascists like Uncle Joe?

Or, or, are they so confused that they didn’t know what they were doing?

Did they think they could get Trump removed? I mean, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!

They had a once in a lifetime chance to have Trump remove Joe Biden FOR them! THEIR MAIN COMPETITION AND A 100% NEOCON NEOLIBERAL NIGHTMARE would not be leading in the polls and on his way to the oval office right now!

But noooooooooooooooooo!

Lord, why must we be surrounded by idiots?

All they could think of doing when Pelosi called the impeachment is all of a sudden become Rain Man:

ORANGE MAN BAD. ORANGE MAN BAD…no I, I, I don’t want, don’t want to hear, want to hear any thing bad, bad, about my friend, my friend Joe, my friend Joe…ORANGE MAN BAD. ORANGE MAN BAD.

tHiS iS WhY wE cAnT HaVe niCE THINgs

Our progressive leaders in the media, in politics, and business, failed us. They allowed themselves to be taken advantage of by the Liberal Elites who want Joe Biden as president. The so-called progressives may have high IQs. But they are dumb. They prove it every day in how they treat Tulsi Gabbard. And now once again in how they literally threw themselves under the bus by impeaching Trump because of his trying to get Biden — their MAIN mf-ing competition, out of the mf-ing race!!!

The Ukraine inquiry looked like something out of The Three Stooges. Like something out of Beavis and Butthead. And you bought it. Hook, line and sinker. And YOU people want to lead America? You can’t lead yourself out of a trap set by half wits to aid a quarter wit. What more could you want or need to be able to stop Joe Biden from beating you? It is like God opened the heavens in front of you and handed you on a silver platter everything you needed to stop Joe Biden.

And what did you do? The exact opposite of what you should have done. Instead of accepting that gift as divine providence, you chickened out and turned into mf-ing Rain Man! All you people who called Tulsi Gabbard a coward — that is literally the exact opposite of the truth. You were cowards. You gave into a Liberal Elite plot to use your own fear of stepping outside of the cage they led you into. Your own fear of being seen as less than sold out to harming Trump, your fear of not conforming caused you to miss how you were being played the whole time.

In the end all you did was give support to Joe Biden for president. Trump was not harmed. You were harmed. America was harmed. And you blamed Tulsi. The only one who called it for what it was — a con.

Who ya gonna call who won’t succumb to the craven media and profit driven agendas of the political class?

Who ya gonna call when you need someone to take on the foreign policy blob which vacuums up taxpayer money for their merciless and greedy agendas?

Who ya gonna call when you need someone to take on the oligarchy who have sold their souls for sachs of gold?

Who ya gonna call to take on foreign governments who use American politicians and media like their own personal f*ck puppets?

Pam Ho

Written by

Pam Ho

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