IUDs: The Skydiving of Birth Control
Stella J. McKenna

I currently have my third Mirena, have not had a period since 2003- thats almost 15 years for the non math folks. I think the only other choice I’ve made that has been this sound was to go to college. No complications, no side effects. I had cysts prior to the IUD and and nothing changed. Ps- cysts are actually a normal thing, I learned. I also had a sporadic cycle so, I was more than happy to see that disappear. I’ve also never gotten pregnant.

I’ve read some articles about concerns related to stopping the menstruation cycle and possible increased risk of uterine cancer because of it. But, the evidence is inconclusive and also currently falls into the skydiving risk range.

You also forgot to add up the cost associated with your cycle each month since you started. Plus the cost of each Rx & medical appointment for the pill. The “what time is it?!?!?” and “where are my pills?”stress factors. Then, the conversation with partners and complete control over your reproduction without someone being able to covertly mess with anything (we’ve all heard the crazy stories about birth control tampering).

I 100% recommend it. Of course everyone one is different and I’m not a doctor, yada yada yada. There’s my 2 cents.

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