We Don’t Need Education Reform
Tim Monreal

Great piece! — re-form simply remakes what schools were — but trans-form changes what schools are now to something new .. We need to imagine and design spaces, time and learning differently, remembering that children are people not data points as Sir Ken Robinson says in the movie Most Likely to Succeed. Teaching still reigns as the most important profession on earth. It demands passion, soul and heart — and educators who bring not just their own intellectual curiosity but also empathy and sensitivity to their work with learners.

Standardization sucks passion from teachers and learners — it stunts development. It slows learning. It destroys curiosity. Let our educators create, design, make, engineer, build and collaborate to create dynamic and authentic cultures of learning for learners — and we will see the engaging schools of our dreams emerge as kids become designers, creators, makers and builders of their own learnibf.

The treehouse project

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