Maker education — or learning activities that incorporate the creativity of student-centered design and result in novel digital or physical creations — is a 21st century pedagogy for today’s students.
Inspiring the Next Generation of Makers
Digital Promise


Thank you for your leadership to help establish Maker Promise — and recognizing the potential of the maker movement to unstandardize our nation’s schools. Your post is so thoughtful and cogent in describing the value of maker education in our schools.

When our young people connect with each other and adults in our maker communities, their passion for learning is evident. Whether using a sewing machine in one of our high school libraries or saws and hammers in an elementary wood shop, children become joyful learners when they get the chance to pursue personal learning interests as well as work on maker projects tied to curricula. Young makers remind us that the best times of learning almost never occur for children sitting in rows, filling in test bubbles, or listening to a long lecture. Instead their curiosity, questions, excitement, persistence, and determination when engaged in making to learn or learning to make represent the best of what educators do when they educate children for life, not school.

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