What I saw as a black journalist covering the L.A. riots 25 years ago
Washington Post

The problem is that only the violent black people are shown to the public. What about the thousands of blacks that get stopped for no reason? Why doesn’t THAT make the news? I’ve been a victim, I have cousins who were victims. A lawsuit in Beverly Hills against their police was actually filed and innocent black victims kept joining and it became huge. The police know WHO to pay to keep it quiet — I mean this is how an officer got away with harrassing a young black teen walking home from school by himself for FOUR YEARS! This is how a retired black man gets his manhood grabbed and twisted for coming to pick up his wife after her work as a maid is done for the day. This is how a black woman wants to go to lunch with a friend and the police follow her for an hour while she is trying to drive around to find a parking space — needless to say, she doesn’t have that lunch because she didn’t feel safe. She went home.

I’m tired of the “same ole…same ole”… “STAY IN SCHOOL!!! GET AN EDUCATION!!! GET A JOB!!! STAY OFF WELFARE!!!

…but when we do… “Is that YOUR car? How’d YOU get that jet-ski? You don’t live in this neighborhood, do you…?”


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