Why I Stopped Going to Church

What many don’t understand is that there is Religion/Church AND then there is your personal relationship with Jesus. The two are NOT the same.

You can ask any church goer why they attend the church they attend and they will tell you, “I was raised in this church, my mother/father was raised here, my grandparent was…” I always ask them if they understand the doctrines and bylaws of their church and they look at me as if I am from Mars. One of the greatest gifts God gives us is choice. I think people get lazy and expect the pastor to tell them what the Bible says instead of seeking God’s word for themselves. AND they want to exclude people based on their church values. I have a hard time with churches who want to argue over being baptized “in the Holy Spirit”, “of the Holy Spirit” or “by the Holy Spirit” when the real issue of being baptized at all comes into play.

I understand how you feel. I left my home church because it could not expand with the changing times. I now go non-denominational because it’s Christianity, not religion. The door is open to everyone.

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