How a Whale Shark Eased the Pain of Watching a Friend Die

Photograph by Pam Perkins

We rode bicycles together.

That’s Kaye on the left and me on the right catching our breath on the Tucson ride (photo by Penny Bradley)
This is Kaye and me at the whale shark site in Donsol, Philippines (photo by Bruce Berger)
Whale Shark
Photo by Lee Goldman

Oh, yes, it was very different,

An hour of pure hell

Photo by Pam Perkins

Fast forward a day or two

Kaye and her daughter Lisa (photo by Pam Perkins)

A miracle during our last day in the Philippines

Photo by Lee Goldman

Strange as it may have seemed to the others on the boat to see a whale shark,

Photo by Lee Goldman

We do not understand the spiritual world.

Kaye and her Shirley Temple drink (photo by Pam)

Kaye’s Memorial Service

Writer, Photographer, Cyclist, World Traveler, 76 countries and counting.

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