Guatape, Colombia, Photo by Bruce Berger

How To Take Pictures of Strangers And Have Them Begging For More

Pam Perkins
Jun 28 · 10 min read
Mali, Photo by Pam Perkins

Whether it’s true or not, I have a reputation as being fearless.

Southwest China, Photo by Pam Perkins

My Travel Philosophy

Papua New Guinea, Photos by Pam Perkins

My happiest travel moments are when I connect with people,

Bogata, Colombia, photo by Pam Perkins

Successfully taking photographs of strangers

Cartagena, Colombia, Photo by Pam Perkins

I can start a conversation with almost anyone.


Cuba, Photo by Pam Perkins
Cuba, Photo by Pam Perkins

What makes this work? Photograph with intention. This kick starts the creative process.

Gibrara, Cuba, Photos by Pam Perkins and Sue Neville
Sudan, Photos by Pam Perkins

How do strangers respond? Mostly positive, but…..

In Africa some of the tribal families responded differently to my intentions.

South Omo, Ethiopia, Photos by Pam Perkins
Firuzabad, Iran, Photo by Pam Perkins

Laughter doesn’t require a translator. It’s a universal language.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Photo by Pam Perkins

Yo No Habla Espanol. Nada

Buena Vista, Colombia, Photo by Pam Perkins

And what about taking pictures in stealth mode?

These are the intrinsic experiences I crave when I travel and take pictures of strangers.

A handsome stranger in Salento, Colombia, Photo by Pam Perkins

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