Burn out.

My guess is that this is pretty common these days: i get to hear this a lot from my friends, family, neighbors, colleagues also from anyone who is working, ok no let me reframe that who is building something. My thoughts on how to tackle them.

Take a break — cliche, but yes !!

Spinning your tires on a problem, take a break and enjoy yourself. Once you have that nagging idea in your head or solution to your problem, get back to work.

You may be one of those people who feels like they don’t have time to take a break, but it’s probably the right thing for the longer run. Consider this as something that would help you in the long term. So in short, take that break.

A break can be that step away from the computer for 20 minutes, going out for a walk, talking to your favorite person or just having a cup of tea.

Read something

It may sound overly simplistic, but sometimes, the best way to get going or to back yourself up out of the soup you are in is just to read.

Read a blog that any start up/big company founder has written, you will not believe how well this has worked for me.

Stop worrying — start solving

Being a self starter is the name of the game in the entrepreneurial world, which makes you more prone to beating yourself up when you stall. For whatever reason, the creative spark isn’t coming, so you guilt trip. Back yourself up with the thought that you dint get into this to worry about it. Start solving it, rest falls into place beautifully.

So go ahead — take that break, read a little and start solving. It`s ok to be there but not okay to be there for long. Take it in your stride and evolve.

– Dhruv

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