Manners Maketh the man

Manners maketh the man — these are the few things i learnt from the people who have inspired me over the short span of my workings. Colleagues, peers, seniors, Co-Founders, my uncle, my grand dad — i’ve seen them build things, worked with them in building those things. They all had the same things to say

  • respect them
  • trust them
  • inspire them

The Value of Good Manners — respect them

please & thank you — these can be powerful tools in the workplace. They take you a long way, You’re never too busy to thank your team members properly for a job well done.

Taking just a moment in the course of each day to say a simple “Thank you” to the team members who make your business what it is can be a great way to inspire them to do their very best.

Involve the team in The Decision Making Process- trust them

In short, this helps in driving a sense of ownership within everyone involved in the organization. This perhaps more than anything, communicates that you value their time, their expertise and their views. Drives ownership and hence lets them trust in you and vice versa.

Lead & not boss around — inspire them

There is a thin line in being a leader or being a boss. Lead the way but not boss it.

In short :-

  • Be more compassionate rather than being impersonal — join them in their work and not just fold your hands and make them work.
  • Its we, not I.
  • Empowering the team is better than using the team — think long term, empowering the team simply leads to better results and an even better eco-system rather than the short term task delivered which leads to short goals being achieved but the bigger goal/dream is lost.
  • People are important, processes can be mended and re-done.
  • Applaud, appreciate and praise in public and criticize in private but not the other way around.

Yet again, building things is a beautiful journey and its great to make a few friends on the way.

– Dhruv

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