Pamphlet boy

Almost eight years back it was my first day at WORK, I was seventeen years old and I was so, so nervous. Walking into the office and meeting these top executives of Coca Cola, Gunjan Domingo and team — it was scary. Somehow I had convinced these smart people to give me a job and somehow I got the job as a pamphlet boy with basically no experience. It had done it and now I had to deliver. I didn’t know if I could deliver, but I also knew I could — it was this weird mix of blind faith and insecurity, being fearless but reluctant. I walked out of the agency office and did what I did the best, distribute the pamphlets to every one and spoke to 500 new people in a single day. I later joined the agency for its various projects for Coca Cola and various other brands; I was the lead coordinator and loved every bit of challenge that came by my way. Two weeks into this job, and I was finding myself doing these big boy things with an ease, blame my hunger for work I went on to doing much more than just coordination. From managing Rural campaigns to corporate events, from wedding planning to college festival. I was now managing things that no one of that age with less maturity could have done. I was guided by the best minds and mentored by colleagues and friends who stood by me while I was busy doing all of this. Three years into this and a degree in Mass Communications, it got me onto doing more than just pamphlets and events and at that moment i realized my career has more to learn. I genuinely enjoyed it, being called as the Events guy who fearlessly took on the world but yet felt there was more to learn and achieve.

So I then decided to get into advertising, yet again zero knowledge, I taught myself — every day I would do my job at the agency in record time to learn the business of advertising, learnt how to handle a project from the idea to it`s execution. Super talented, Ashok Nair (Creative Director) and Siddharth Sasson (Head-Business) were my go to guys. They together hacked into my career and added so much knowledge — there was no way I was not ready at be an Ad-Man. Being an Ad-man had it perks, oh yes they did but yes a lot of work and heck of a lot of patience was needed. A year into this awesomeness with adding great value into the advertising department i further went onto leading the Public Relations team for the agency, planning media campaigns for brands/companies I was now slowly but steadily ready to step up and becoming the Marketing guy I always wanted to be. I clearly remember in one of the cold calls I made (simply the best) where I gave this Sales pitch and presented a Marketing Campaign which got me onto being the Manager — Marketing Communications which felt just right.

My first break as a Marketing professional was given by Sheetal Bangur and it was something that I took up with no experience at all, I was nervous yet excited about the role that was given to me and the first few weeks were rough. Every day I sat in front of my laptop trying my damnedest and thinking i wasn’t good enough for this role. Somehow the thought kicked into me that I dint make it this far to think I was not good enough. The thought of deciding to act upon this then took me to various places, learning more things and doing better day after day. New challenges were now being faced as things were a lot more serious now, a lot of responsibilities were to be attended and suddenly my world started revolving around just what i wanted it to be, “Marketing”

I`ve always been mentored by colleagues, friends and family to be truthful to my work and followed the same with great discipline. The trick is that the right people at the right time happened and something somewhere always worked in my favor.

Working hard and working right was simply the mantra; I am the same pamphlet boy who is now in-charge for Marketing in a start-up called PressPlay (you can google us, we are pretty much creating something next level and also we`re hiring) and moved base from Hyderabad to Delhi. Lucky to have reached this far but yet, there are many more pamphlets to be given and I am on it!!!

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