Custom Presentation tool that lets your observers interact with you.

Looking for a presentation tool that will leave your potential customers in awe? Although we all know powerpoint is easily the go to software, it is simply becoming outdated and not to mention…BORING. So if powerpoint isn’t doing the trick, maybe you have found success while using newer “slide show” presentation tools such as ClearSlide, SlideDog or CustomShow to name a few. If you can’t meet face to face with your client, maybe you have found webinar or online based solutions work better for your situation.

Now let me introduce you to DittoTalk, a presentation tool that not only combines the best features from “slide show” and webinar tools, it also gives you the right words to say at the right time.


DittoTalk can take the words of your best people and put it into a script. It then combines animations, graphics, and video to go along with it. Hence creating a duplicatable presentation that anyone can present perfectly their very first try, and every try.

But wait…what about the observers interacting part?

Not only does DittoTalk actually give you the words to say, it also lets your observer interact with the presentation. Quite frankly, you need to see it to believe it. presentations have the ability to do just about anything you would want them to do. They are custom built to fit your pitch. Whether you are looking for pre-qualification questions, paths or choices made by the observer themselves, or custom calculations built in; DittoTalk can do it. With DittoTalk, you will not need to download any software, send your viewer to 5 different webpages, or worry about loosing their attention.

See how DittoTalk compares to a “slide show” tool ClearView.