Stop Letting Lessons Define You

Failure doesn’t define you, cheating on your diet doesn’t define you, and most of all making mistakes doesn’t define you. We set goals in life and try so hard to achieve everything we want. When you have a goal in mind you see yourself successful and you get motivated to achieve it and work your ass off but as soon as you come to an obstacle you overthink your goal and you start doubting yourself.

Sure it would be nice if it was a smooth ride and you didn’t have to go through any difficulties but seriously… what is the fun and reality in that happening ?! When I say fun I mean, wouldn't life be boring if everything went exactly how you planned? Think about it, everyone you have met that has stayed in your life has come into it probably in some odd unexpected way. Maybe a job you hated , from an ex friend, or even out of the blue while you were on your way to buy a toilet plunger because your toilet got clogged.

My point is, the best things in life happen unexpectedly and maybe if you aren’t having the perfect life right now you will realize later on how much you have actually gained from the crooked paths life has made you go through.

The reality is, no matter what you are doing in life you will face hard times and difficulties. The type of person you are will show once you face those difficulties and choose to learn from them and move one. Not only move on but keep fighting for your goal, your dream, what you have envisioned from the start. So you make a mistake, you can sit and dwell on how much it sucks and have regret and self pity but who is that helping? You simply accept the fact that it happened and move on.

You can choose to keep going and keep failing but become wiser and one step closer to your dream or you can quit and let one failure determine not only you but your life. A failure is a growing opportunity and when you choose to see that you will start to see many doors open and your life doing a whole 360 on you.

Don’t mistake a lesson for a dead end.

-Pam V.