Your Name.

After “5 Centimetres per Second” and “The Garden of Words,” Shinkai Makoto brings us his latest heartbreaking animation, “Your Name”. As before, the movie tend to bring out our deepest emotions we thought were gone for a long time.

Shinkai Makoto continues his own signature style — magnificent details and delicate expressions of characters. In my opinion, he surpasses his previous works by giving amazing control on the pace of this story.

You might find yourself excited by feverish and rapidly switching scenes in the movie. The eye-catching colors and details constantly flashes by, and shadows and lights flies through. But that’s not all this movie is about. Underneath the spectacles, there is an emotion that piles on and grows. It is the backbone that connects the entire story.

In Your Name, there is a lot of contrast between warm and cold colors. The warm light builds up the yearning between the couple, and the cold emphasizes the reality.

The whole story contains bitter sweet happiness along with the two colors. These colors enrich the time-lapse and the dreamy soul-exchanging moments. The most memorable such moment is when the power plant exploded, and the comet flew over the sky. Burning red on the ground forms a sharp contrast with the cruel blue in the sky. Finally, just as the two characters meet on the edge of the crater, the two color tones collide for the emotional climax.

In another hand, I like how they arrange the two world and their different moments in a random order. Which made the audience kind of confuse at first, and then started to put together each pieces of the story. Along with the music, it gave a enormous impact when people finally see how everything is patched up. At the end, everything comes to the “knot. ”

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