Hair Transplant Cost: Guide to Negotiate

Studies have proved that over 60% men will suffer from some kind of hair-fall in their lifetime and will try to seek some medical advice. Nine out of ten of these cases suffer from a condition called Androgenic Alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness which is a genetic disease. In fact, pattern baldness can affect men and women both, though men predominantly, and is passed down generation after generation.

Hair Transplant Cost

When a patient is suffering from pattern baldness, his/her hair follicles are attacked by a naturally occurring hormone called DTH. DTH makes the hair follicles unable to produce keratin, what the hair is made up of and the hair starts weakening and falling off. The only option left for the patient to re-grow his hair is go through hair transplantation. These fairly expensive procedures are performed at certified clinics by experienced surgeons. Although these procedures are expensive, the Hair Transplant Cost can be negotiated down. Keeping in mind the current economic status, most clinics are operating below capacity and are mostly willing to give patients discounts. So in case you have been considering hair transplantation surgery, now would be a great time to get it done.

The first step at negotiating for a good price is to let the other party know it is too much. When they tell you the cost you need to look shaken and shocked and say it is way more than what you expected. This sets the stage for negotiating the Hair Transplant Cost. Most people fail to do this and start it off at a weaker hand at the game.

Next step, you need to ask them if there is anything they can do, any discount they can offer to make it affordable for you. They tend to cut off the number of grafts and give you about the same coverage. After this, you can ask if they offer or provide schemes for free financing. When you offer to borrow money, these people not used to such demand tend to give you an interest free loan which is worth a lot while cutting down Hair Transplant Cost.

When these people offer you discounts, don’t take the first deal. Wait them out, see if you can get more out of them. Which brings us to the third step of negotiation, don’t settle easily. Offer 15% less than their bottom offer. If they refuse to give in, politely thank the clinic representative and stand up from the table. Say it just doesn’t seem doable because its way more than your budget and the discounts are not enough. It is always surprising how these people always find a better offer to present to you just as you are about to walk out of the clinic doors.

Hair grafts are well worth the effort you put into them! So, if you are planning to transplant for your hair, then try out Panacea Global Hair Transplant Clinic to reduce the Hair Transplant Cost in clinic.

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