Where Inspiration Meets Design: 4 Elegant Ideas For Dining Room

Of all the rooms, a dining room deserves utmost attention. And why not, it makes us feel special — though we don’t use it so much, it is the very space where we gather to celebrate every family occasion with our loved ones over sinful platters of delicacies, wine and laughter!

Whether your home décor style is formal or intimate, follow these handy design tips and amp up your dining room décor in a jiffy:

Let your dining room speak

A dining table is the pièce de résistance of a dining room — it should be picked cautiously. Since the table is arguably the key piece of furniture in the room, it can be intimidating to choose something that would be worthy of the honor.

For that, we would suggest instead of choosing an ornate design, try to keep the table style understated –neutral remains timeless over time and trends. Though a little bit of embellishment would do no harm, we recommend earthy yet chic decorations — mix antique candle stands with minimalist mirrors on the wall. This will enhance the unique look, while the reflection of light on the mirrors will radiate out an all-so-intimate vibes.

Consider keeping fresh flowers on the table — nothing looks better than a fresh floral touch that complements the overall décor of the room.

Illuminate the room with right lighting options

As opposed to single-source lighting, track lighting using two or more lights helps the light to spread out evenly throughout the dining room, along with emitting a spectacular visual effect over the table. For an amplified effect, pair this lighting setup with recessed lighting — this fetching combo is good to illuminate the corners, even.

No matter, how inviting artificial lighting is, it can never substitute for natural lighting — soft morning rays of sunshine amps up the room’s style manifold.

Go bold with colors

Is your dining space looking fagged out? A robust infusion of colors is what you need now. Traditionally, black and white combination stands as an epitome of sophistication and elegance — that doesn’t mean you have to swear by it everywhere. Though white can be picked up as the backdrop, but a pop of colors makes the room look inviting.

However, adding colors doesn’t mean you have to overpower the room — select a single décor item, like a set of chairs or the wall art against which your dining table is positioned and inject splashes of bright colors to enhance the mood. The choice of colors depends on you, though. At present, citrus hues and metallic shades are doing the rounds — so the decision lies with you.

Add character with rugs and carpets

Sometimes, the odds may not be in favor of you — maybe you want to establish your dining table as the key piece of marvel in the room, but it may look a bit void with the table alone, but if you add a rug it might complete the look. Sometimes, in order to infuse some color and character to the room, we can add a beautiful rug on the floor under the table, allowing some room for the chairs to slide in and out seamlessly over the edge of the rug

In case your dining room has wooden flooring, rugs add a certain iota of warmth and intimacy all over the space making the guests feel more comfortable. It also protects the floor in the event of accidental spills.

A note to remember — not always you have to shell out a fortune to accessorize your room with opulence — sometimes little things can make bigger difference.

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